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Help with many issues

Therapy can help with many issues. It may also be a chance to notice how one is managing to live in relationship with others. It is often in the context of relationship that we notice our challenges – our relationship with others, with ourselves and with life.

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What is therapy about?

It is a multi layered process but I think there tend to be two main currents that I’ll mention here. One is working to recognise, understand and process challenges in one’s life – past, present and future. Alongside that you are also participating in a therapeutic relationship which allows the snags and knots of your relating history to become apparent and to begin to unfurl. This is the ‘relational’ aspect of therapy which is so central in the process and is often described as the key healing aspect in the work.

In some ways therapy is a strange thing to do. To go and speak openly about your difficulties with a total stranger. And yet I think historically we have always appreciated a place where we can go and talk with someone who is not involved with our family, friends or colleagues. Therapy is slightly different though; it begins as a place to talk with a person who will listen to you. That in itself can be immensely valuable. The importance of feeling really heard. And you can build from there.

How does psychotherapy work?

Moving onwards to find a space away from the daily busy-ness where you can allow yourself to be. To just put it out there, explore things and express things with a freedom which might be difficult in our normal relationships. And in that it allows us to gradually meet ourselves more truly. This is not always comfortable, it can be quite painful. But through that we can come to a place of greater self-acceptance and seeing our choices in a new way.

Some areas of particular interest for me are addictions, depression, anxiety and the applications of mindfulness. 1 in 5 people will experience depression at some point in their lives. And sometimes they may occur together, such as anxiety with depression. There can often be experiences of anxiety and low mood when someone is in the throes of addiction. I will be writing about each of these in my blog in the months ahead.

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