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Help with many issues

Therapy can help with many issues. It may also be a chance to notice how one is managing to live in relationship with others. It is often in the context of relationship that we notice our challenges – our relationship with others, with ourselves and with life.

How Mindfulness and Psychotherapy work together

What is mindfulness about?

Often one assumes that meditation involves finding a way to stop oneself thinking. But if you've tried this you'll know that trying not to think has the opposite effect

The mind likes to have an object to focus its attention. Something to occupy it. What is interesting about human beings - is that we normally fill our mind with thoughts and thinking in the form of words and dialogue. Not all of it but the majority of it.

But what happens when we offer the mind an object of attention that is less word inducing? Walking in through a London park, and noticing the sounds that are all around, try paying attention to the sounds themselves. Take one of your senses and give it more focus in your mind. And see how it feels. If thinking comes in, just gently bring the attention back to the sensory experience.

What conditions can be helped using mindfulness?

Some areas that come out of stressful living are addictions, depression, anxiety. Many people will experience depression at some time in their lives. And often they may happen together, such as anxiety with depression. There can often be experiences of anxiety and low mood when someone is in the throes of addiction. These are some of the areas that I use the application of mindfulness in my practice.

I am particularly excited about the development of the ‘Mindfulness Project’ – a London based group that is developing an assortment of mindfulness experiences. I will be continuing to develop awareness about how mindfulness practices can be used to improve health, mental health and its general effect on overall health. Just as with anxiety, mindfulness and depression can combine to ease some of the effects of negative self talk. As a team we will be exploring the development if new and fascinating applications of mindfulness.

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